About Us :)

Here are some fun things we have done in the past!

Beyond Coal Rally:
We rounded up about 30 students and marched around campus to rally for clean energy at the university. We had shirts, painted our faces, and held signs that we each painted! The final stop was outside of Carver Hall where President Soltz's office is. "What do we want? NO MORE COAL!" 

Powershift 2011: 28 of us HOPEers traveled to Washington D.C. in April for a mega clean energy conference! 10,000 other college students from all across the country joined us as well as Al Gore, Lisa Jackson (administrator of the EPA), and Cherri Foytlin, a gulf coast resident that walked from Louisiana to Washington. We attended leadership sessions, cheered for inspirational speakers, explored D.C. and rallied in the streets! We went to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The White House, and BP office and gas stations, while holding signs and wearing green hats. D.C. didn't know what hit them! This conference happens every two years so Powershift 2013, here we come!

Earth Day: This was a big success. We set up tables by the library and had an area to tye-dye shirts, make hemp bracelets, and paint faces as well as donate to the Gulf Restoration Network to help clean up the gulf coast after the oil spill. The students were really into it and the table was crowded all day!

Mountain Top Removal Trip: From November 4th-6th in 2011 we traveled to Whitesville, West Virginia to see first hand the effects of mountain top removal on the environment and surrounding towns. It was saddening to say the least. The coal industries blow up the tops of beautiful, pristine mountains to extract coal and do not consider human safety or health important. "That lump of coal is more valuable than your life." We met up with Coal River Mountain Watch to show us MTR sites and a local elementary school located 150 feet from a coal silo. (Picture shown above.)

Clean Energy Visibility Stunt: On October 25th 2011 in the academic quad, we held signs and handed out flyers that protested natural gas. Some of us were even painted as deer to show that natural gas hurts the environment and animals.