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Rape     Adoption     Fate
The most incredible true life story of Unfolding Destiny

The response letter to all those who were inquiring about our Reunion Story. 

Feb, 27,1996

The front page headline of “The Maui News” covered a story
with a large caption that read “Mom” and followed with
the story of Donna Sorensen and her birth mother Dianne
Hoover... “Fifty-one years after being adopted, a daughter meets
her mother.”

Donna was placed for adoption when she was three weeks old.  Because she was conceived from a rape, I had kept the circumstances a secret for 51 years.

I am happily married now.  The emotional scars of sexual abuse (when I was five years old) and a failed marriage,
including two attempts of suicide, are behind me.

God had a plan.  I felt His persistent leading to search for my daughter.  Later I was to find out that Donna had this very
same leading to find her birth mother.  Both myself and my daughter started our search at the very same time.

Two years after our reunion in Maui,  I located Donna’s birth father.  This was the first contact she had with him
since 1940.  He is 84 years old and in very good health.   On October 23, 1994, Donna spoke with her father for the first time.

Two months later a very loving reunion took place.   Tears flowed as they shared their moments of the past.   Both had spent many years in the San Francisco area, within blocks apart, but with no knowledge of each other.

We feel our story would give hope to many people who are struggling with past issues and are seeking forgiveness from those people who have hurt them.

This story is about God’s love and protection for me, when I thought all was lost.


Dianne Hoover  

Lincoln Heights by Nathan Solis by jas2maui

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