About Us

    Treeflights is a non-profit company created in April 2006 to give carbon intensive air travellers the chance to mop up some of their carbon over the long term using trees planted on a 7 acre planting site in mid-Wales. Together with generous support from all over the world we created a 2500 tree woodland that is still busily doing its job of withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere.  We have also planted hundreds of trees on sites in 4 other countries. However, increasingly the scientific evidence is now indicating that it is our tropical forests rather than those in temperate latitudes that do the bulk of the 'global cooling'. For this reason, we are now focusing entirely on supporting afforestation and forest conservation in Tropical Kenya.

Team Members

Ru Hartwell - Director     

Alex Katana -
Lead Organiser, Bore

Andrew Wright - Project Consultant (with responsibility for project oversight and annual monitoring)


Read all about the history of Treeflights here

Treeflights is a non-profit company registered at Companies House

Company No. 6462199

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