Latest News

20/05/13 - New partnership with Tree Nation completes and allows us to offer 6 species of tree. Trees now start at 5 Euros and include moringa, cashew, neem, eucalyptus, mango and casuarina.

07/07/12 Treeflights announce the start of a major new partnership with Tree-Nation.  We are still sorting out the nuts and bolts of this important new  link but we are optimistic that it will lead to the planting of lots of new trees. Tree-Nation are the first forestry outfit to fully integrate social networking and tree planting and have an enormous following on Facebook. More info soon but visit and join Tree-Nation here

03/11/11 We are delighted to announce that the Lampeter/Bore Community Carbon Link (a unique community partnership, administered by Treeflights) has been awarded  a £12,000 Clean Energy Grant under the Welsh Government's, Wales to Africa Community Links Scheme.

Bore is increasingly suffering from erratic weather conditions which are most likely attributable to climate change and the bulk of the grant is for the development of a solar powered community irrigation system. This will enable all the farmers to irrigate their trees without reliance on carbon intensive mains or diesel power. Read more here.


27/03/11 - Sale of Main Planting Site in Wales to Fund Massive Expansion of Kenyan Project

The main Treeflights planting site at Pant-y-pond in mid-Wales is being sold. The young forest of 2,500 trees is now fully established and the site was planted to capacity in 2010. All the latest scientific research now clearly indicates that it is tropical rather than temperate forest that cools the atmosphere so over the past few years we have focused increasingly on planting in the tropics.

     The sale of our Welsh site will allow Treeflights to complete this transition and fund the development of our Kenyan project in Bore where we are planning an enormous expansion of the 'Community Carbon Forest Reserve' from 10 to 110 acres.

   Once the land has been sold customers will still be welcome to view the woodland from the adjacent track (which is retained by Treeflights) but will no longer have any right to walk on the land.   If this presents a problem to anyone who has paid for a tree to be planted then we are very happy to fully reimburse you. Alternatively we would also be happy to plant a tree (or trees) for you in Kenya.  Please email us at if you would like a refund or a replant.

This has not been an easy decision for us  at Treeflights HQ but we feel that the opportunity to purchase and protect a further 100 acres of endangered Kenyan forest is simply too good to pass up. The imperatives of climate change oblige us all to make hard changes in our lives and Treeflights is no exception. Welsh trees are great for the environment and for bio-diversity but if we want to heal our atmosphere we now simply have no alternative other than to plant trees or protect forest in the tropics.

14/01/2011 - Treeflights Completes Planting Site in Wales to Focus Entirely on Kenya

We would like to thank the thousands of supporters who have helped us create this wonderful woodland in Wales (and also those who have sponsored hundreds of trees to be planted in Peru, Sumatra and Spain). We couldn't have done anything without you! Together we have made positive and permanent changes to the biosystem that will continue aiding ecological diversity and withdrawing atmospheric carbon in perpetuity. The planting site in Wales is now full to capacity and so we will be taking no further orders for Welsh treesThe reality of all the scientific research unavoidably indicates that trees in temperate latitudes are of only minimal benefit to the climate so for this reason, from now on, we are only planting trees in Kenya.