At Treeflights we believe simply that planting trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere is a good idea.

    However, that is not the whole story.......

    The most important thing to remember if you are releasing carbon into the air (either by flying, turning on a light or breathing) is that it stays active and destructive for around 100 years. Also trees take a long time to remove carbon so don't be under any illusion that planting a tree or two makes it all fine. It doesn't.

    So where does this leave us?

    It's quite simple. If you choose to fly (or do any other carbon intensive activity) you will be leaving a heavy footprint on the planet for all the rest of us so think carefully about it and if there is no alternative, maybe consider compensating a little by paying a Kenyan farmer to plant a few trees. After all Kenya, like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, will be paying the heaviest climatic price for what you are doing and more importantly - it is trees in the tropics that do the serious planetary cooling work so this is where we need them.

A 6 week old tamarind tree. Trees in Wales can take years to get to this size.

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