LiveQA Skeleton Server

You can download and freely use the open-source code, as provided by our team, for the skeleton server: 

In order to implement your API, to be called by the testing system during the live evaluation, overwrite the method:
  protected AnswerAndResources getAnswerAndResources(String qid, String title, String body, String category) 
of the class TrecLiveQaDemoServer.

This method gets as input the Yahoo ID of the question (qid), the title, body and category of the question, and returns an AnswerResources object that encapsulates your system answer as well as all used sources.

We hope you will find this code useful. 

Note: the LiveQA demo implementation extends NanoHTTPD. To save time, you may download the NanoHTTPD jar with dependencies instead of recompiling from sources: nanohttpd-webserver-2.1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar