This site is a combination of a chronicle of my various trebuchet adventures and misadventures and some hopefully useful information on treb construction and use. Since, in the words of the Prophet Dylan "him not busy being born is busy dying", there are continuing updates to sections dealing with current projects and revisions to other sections as the spirit moves me.
I am neither an engineer nor a scientist (nor do I play one on television) so the site is light on math, physics, and materials strength. Likewise I'm not a cabinet maker or carpenter, so my woodworking is kind of ad hoc.  Everything presented here has worked for me, unless it's presented as an example of what not to do.
Feel free to browse around. All designs here are my originals except where indicated. They have worked for me, but I have no control over how you do things so I can't guarantee that your results will be the same. Likewise I can't take responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by carelessness in construction or use on your part.