Treasure Raid Home.

A hunt through wild and varied dungeons looking for treasure, riches and fame. Fight enemies for a chance at some treasure, push your luck for more treasure, but careful you might loose it all if you fail. Face goblins, skeletons and dragons in your quest for loot. Fight your way through three separate dungeon environments, battle the boss and gain more treasure. 

To help on your questing are 6 companions each with their own special set of skills. 8 separate heroes are available to lead your party into the dungeons, choose from Sir Kelow the Knight,Sarah the Enchantress, Graxnor the Half Goblin, and many others. Each hero has unique powers that they can use to turn the tide of battle, or to help secure more treasure and finally become the Hero of All Time. 

Scores are recorded in the Hall of Heroes so you can compete with other heroes and try different strategies that might get you some more loot or maybe you will find your failed attempts on make you the local tavern beggar.

The app is available on the Google Play Store;