Leveraging Technology

                            Culturally Relevant and Responsive School Library Learning Commons
"With 19% of Canada’s population living in rural areas, there is an urgent need for resources and training to support students attending school in rural settings. Connections-based learning addresses many of the inequities rural students face by leveraging our connected world to cultivate meaningful relationships with others, as we partner locally and globally, learn with experts, support organizations, and serve our communities" Leigh Cassell
When social media is employed, how can a balanced political approach be attained when so much “personalization” occurs that narrows access to alternate viewpoints? Diana Maliszewski

"For marginalized students and eLearning students, who are working within the school system but in alternate modes of learning, both school and public libraries are safe spaces. Safety comes from the security, the reliability, the privacy, the equity of access and the hospitality of libraries. Especially in small or rural communities, as in the UGDSB; the “benefits of [these] shared spaces are numerous, and include economic, networking and collaboration, and safety reasons." Michelle Campbell & Alanna King