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Digital Badges for Professional Development:

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Sandra Bebbington

Ellen Goldfinch

Julian Taylor


QSLiN Digital Badges: A Tour

 Sandra Bebbington is the team leader at the Quebec Ministry of Education-DSCA for Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy & School Libraries. Sandra and her team supports the English educational community with the implementation and integration of digital citizenship and information literacy. They also help support school libraries in the QC English educational community in a variety of ways. Having created two online toolkits ( ) for educators , students and families, her team is now working on two digital badging sites: one for the teaching and learning of digital citizenship and another for school library professional development. Sandra has spent many years working in both school and public libraries; she wrote her thesis on teen gamers and information literacy. She has been published in the Journal of Information Literacy and she has also taught information literacy and critical thinking at Bishop’s University.

Ellen Goldfinch is a school librarian consultant and freelance writer living in Baldwin’s Mills, Quebec.  She was Head Librarian at Bishop’s College School for 18 years, and school board librarian for the Eastern Townships School Board for two years. She currently does consulting work for the Information Literacy Project, DSCA-MEESR in such areas as School Libraries, PD Badging, and Information Literacy.  Her articles have appeared in Library Media Connection and The Book Report.

Julian Taylor has been working in education for over 15 years, primarily as a librarian. He has worked also as a teacher, coordinator, and as a member of the Pedagogical Services Dept in the English Montreal School Board and is currently working at the Quebec Ministry of Education-DSCA on Digital Citizenship, Information Literacy, & School Libraries. Many of his duties in recent years have focused on PD design and presenting to teachers, administrators, and library personnel about online information searching & validation, digital citizenship, and self-directed PD. He has also co-created two different PD badging websites and is responsible for the technical/programming and content creation/addition for both.

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Jan 17, 2016, 4:26 PM