Making it Work: 

A Learning Commons Approach to Engaging Middle School Students' Interest and Inquiry in the Curriculum


Melanie Mulcaster

The paper poses an inquiry to question how Middle schools can leverage the interests of students to engage them in their own academic learning. It posits that the Library Learning Commons is well positioned to host and facilitate Makerspaces for student engagement. There are details of research-based plans for a hands-on and virtual Makerspace at The Valleys Senior Public School, as well a design process for sustainable reflection and improvement in terms of expected outcomes. An intriguing narrative of the initiative’s developments so far is included! 

Melanie Mulcaster is a middle school teacher librarian in the Peel District School Board. She has a passion for getting her students excited about learning, reading and making in physical and digital environments. A life long learner, Melanie hopes to complete her M.Ed specializing in digital technologies in the spring of

Carol Koechlin,
Jan 23, 2016, 7:42 PM