Myths, Realities and Opportunities: What the Research Says about Digital Literacy

Anita Brooks Kirkland


This paper synthesizes the relevant findings of new research from Canada and the United States pertaining to the digital divide and youth digital literacy. It explores research on teachers’ attitudes and competencies, related to their own digital literacy and their attitudes towards technology integration in school, and finally explores new opportunities in the learning commons to optimize approaches to digital literacy. The aim is to move past the harmful platitudes and mythologies that have characterized much of the discourse about youth in a networked world, and provide a framework for understanding authentic and powerful opportunities for collaborative, networked learning.



Anita Brooks Kirkland served for twelve years as Consultant for K-12 Libraries at the Waterloo Region DSB. She remains active in teacher professional learning, specializing in the areas of information and digital literacy and the school library learning commons. Anita is currently the president of the Ontario Library Association

Carol Koechlin,
May 18, 2014, 12:40 PM