Building a District Learning Commons

School District #57

Vision Statement


We are collectively combining our creativity, knowledge, and expertise to create a library learning commons to meet the diverse needs of all learners. 


With the vision clearly stated at the district level, it became incumbent on the stakeholders to implement this initiative. A first step, to transition the District Resource Center to the District Learning Commons, set the climate for experimentation and collaboration focused on student learning.  With responsibility in place, district learning team grants focusing on inquiry, digital literacy, digital citizenship, and technology for learning, they began teacher led professional development and their new journey.

They approached this initiative realizing that change can be a rocky road.  The writer tells us that they acknowledged that first order change can be exciting, annoying, and confusing but requires very limited change in knowledge and skills while second order change requires changes in the way we think and respond within our learning environment.

 Following seven principles outlined in Koechlin, Rosenfeld and Loertscher’s Building a Learning Commons they have made strides through the first three years and are looking forward as their collective understanding and ownership of the learning commons mindset continues to grow.


 Monica Berra, District Vice Principal Curriculum Instruction
Carol Koechlin,
May 21, 2014, 10:31 AM