Doula Services

Prenatal and Labor Professional Support

I offer a free initial consultation before a contract is signed so we can meet and decide if we are right for each other. This is your chance to ask questions regarding me personally, the specifics of the support I offer, and to determine whether I am what you are looking for. This visit is done in a public location at a point to which both of us can travel similar distances. You are under no obligation to hire me as your doula after this consultation. The birth of your child is a very special event, and you need to make sure that you only invite at this occasion people you feel very comfortable around. I hold your estimated due date for one week following the interview. After one week the date will be open to other clients, therefore, it is important that you let me know your decision within that  week. 

After the contract is signed, one prenatal visit will be provided. This visit will take place at a location of your choice and will be more personal in nature. We can discuss any questions, concerns or fears that you or your support person may have. Birth Preferences can also be written at this time along with practicing relaxation and massage techniques that may be useful during your birth.

I offer  e-mail and phone support  every day  from 9:00 AM-8:00 PM. Do not hesitate to call me throughout your pregnancy, any time you need to talk. I am also available to accompany you to a prenatal visit and to meet your care provider, if you wish.

Two weeks before your estimated due date I will be "on call" and available 24/7 (meaning you can call anytime day or night!)  Phone and e-mail support will continue for up to two weeks postpartum, but will return to every day  9:00 AM-6:00 PM.

I will arrive and begin birth support within 2 hours of your phone call requesting my presence. Support will be continuous until up to two hours postpartum. I will assist you and your support person, by providing physical, informational and emotional support.

If time allows, I will photograph some of the labor and birth, as you wish  (see photography gallery). You will receive digital copies of the images I take. This is a much-loved part of my offering. Although it is not my main focus at your birth, in most cases I am able to provide 10+ quality images for you to remember this unique time in your life.

If desired, I provide one postpartum visit about one month after the birth, scheduled by you at your convenience. This will be a time to debrief your birth and talk about your experience. I can help in breastfeeding support and help you with any questions or concerns that you or your support person may have. You will receive any photographs I was able to take, at this time.

Additional Services include birth and newborn photography and a lending library filled with various pregnancy and childbirth books, DVDs and CDs for your use. 

Fees are as follows:

  • $250 non-refundable retaining fee at contract signing
  • $500 due at the prenatal visit (and no later than the birth day of your baby)

Total services $750. Please know that I truly believe that every pregnant woman deserves to have a doula and therefore offer a reduction in fees and volunteer services for those that qualify.  Payment plans are also available.


NEW in 2011! Private childbirth classes 
By popular demand, in 2011 I am adding private classes to my offering.
I will be happy to be supporting you with the gift of knowledge, as you approach the birth of your child!
If you are a current doula client, you can add on additional, personalized education to the services described above.
Doula clients benefit from a $30 discount off the class rates.
Classes usually take place in your home and they are taylored to your specific needs.
You have a choice between
* one weekday 3-hour session:  $175
* two weekday 2-hour sessions: $225
I am only able to offer a limited number of these classes each year, so please reach out as soon as you are considering reserving a spot. I look forward to working with you!