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I am a labor Doula, trained by DONA. I live in Atlanta with my husband and two children.

Preparing for the birth of my son, I embarked on a journey which continued through the birth of my daughter and is ongoing still today. I love gathering knowledge on all things relating to fertility, pregnancy and birth.

I have personally experienced, while birthing my children, a variety of situations which have given me much appreciation for the need of support a pregnant and laboring mother has, and for the invaluable work of a doula.

The birth of our first child (2004) was via c-section, the day before my son's due date, following a stalled 17 hour hospital labor, induced with cervidil, due to escalating pre-eclampsia. Although I was in the care of a midwife, I had no doula, and my husband and I often felt unsupported in our desire to accomplish a minimal intervention birth.

For the birth of our second child (2006), I had changed providers, hospitals, and had a doula and an apprentice doula supporting me. After laboring at home for a day and a half, I experienced another 17 hours of hospital labor, again with no pain medication, this time surrounded by the wisdom and care of my doulas and of my new midwife. My daughter was born 50 hours after the first contraction, via an empowering and memorable VBAC.

My husband and I both realized the value of competent labor support. I felt that all the intellectual and emotional knowledge I had gained through the births of my two children are something I need to gear towards serving other pregnant mothers.

New! I am currently pregnant with our third child, due February 2014. I will begin accepting clients again Fall of 2014.

I am happy to work as a doula, to give you something every pregnant woman deserves to have: someone who listens and works with you and your partner, to achieve the birth experience you desire, while encouraging, supporting and reassuring you along the way.

This is the only time you get to birth this child. I strongly believe that birth memories last a lifetime and help shape who we become as mothers.