WELCOME to Tread-Top the Portable Treadmill Desk

"Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting.”
(-Dr. Levine, director Mayo Clinic)

Now you can walk while you work, all at an affordable price!  The Tread-Top is a portable, treadmill desk that affixes to your treadmill.  The Tread-Top is a lightly textured, black, tabletop that affixes to virtually any treadmill to create a desk-like surface so that you can walk slowly while you work. 
Because the Tread-Top is made of lightweight wood with a durable acrylic finish,  and folds in half, the Tread-top is strong enough to support all of your normal desk items, but light enough to easily remove from your treadmill or take with you to the gym.

The Treat-Top folds in half, is light-weight and easy to use.  Because of its compact size, the Tread-Top can be easily ported to the gym, office or hotel on business trips.

When the Tread-Top is folded in half, it measures approximately 16"x18"x2".  When it is opened up, the Tread-Top measures approximately 16"x36"x3/4".

It has a continuous, durable, hinge that spans the entire distance where the to two section meet, so that the middle does not sag or bow, but instead, remains completely level.

The Tread-Top can be used alone or with the Universal Bracket.  Used alone, the Tread-Top works with the newer model treadmills (which have handle bars that are parallel to the ground) and affixes to the treadmill handle bars via two Velcro straps for simple installation and removal. 

By using the NEW Universal Bracket, the Tread-Top can be used with virtually any model treadmill!!  
With the Universal Bracket, the Tread-Top works with both newer model treadmills or the older style treadmills (which have sloped handle bars).  The Universal Bracket creates a level frame that the Tread-Top attaches to and adds about 5 inches of height from the lowest point on the handle bars. 


The Tread-Top is a sleek, easy-to-use, desk-top for your treadmill.  For folks who work from home and sit at their desks all day, the Tread-Top is a must-have!  Or if you want to work on your laptop in the evenings but don't want to sit because you have been sitting all day at work, the Tread-Top allows you to spend some time on your feet, while surfing the web or getting some work done.

Other products on the market cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  The Tread-Top is an affordable, portable, and convenient way to convert your treadmill into a new solution to help you lose weight and be healthier.  Studies have shown that sitting for more than an hour at a time is very bad for your health.  The Tread-Top is a low-cost solution to becoming healthier and feel better about yourself. 
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The Universal Bracket is a product that can be used with any style treadmill and is designed to work in conjunction with the Tread-Top tabletop.  For the older style treadmills that have sloped handle bars, it provides a level frame (with the adjustable elbows) that the Tread-Top attaches to creating a wonderful desktop allowing you to walk while you work.

By using the Universal Bracket with the newer style treadmills that have handles which are parallel to the floor, the Tread-Top is lifted about 6 inches above the treadmill handle bars which is nice for taller people or those who just like a higher desk while they walk.
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Special "Thank You" to Mountain Island Fitness for letting us use their facility for photos!!  A really nice facility, and a great group of folks there... you should check them out if you are in the Mountain Island Lake area near Charlotte, NC.