Wood Components Page
Links and photos provided here will take you to individual component drawings for each of the wooden parts of the treadle pump.
This page is new and obviously under construction. Readers are warned that the plans linked by this page and the information on this page are preliminary and subject to change without notice. So, until we've got a better handle on what we're doing, feel free to visit and look around. We'll remove this notice when the information here has firmed up to the point that it's considered dependable.
The images below are 3D images of the components. Click on each image to enlarge it for better viewing. When the new window opens, click again for the largest size.

Figure W1.

 Treadle base, two required.

 Figure W2.
 Front center vertical, one required.

 Figure W3.

Front outboard vertical, two required.


Figure W4.

Rear center vertical, one required.


Figure W5.

Rear outboard vertical, two required.


Figure W6.

 Pulley mast, one required

Figure W7.

Pulley support, one required.


Figure W8.

Treadle, two required.


Figure W9.

Front brace, four required.



Figure W10.

Rear brace, four required.



Figure W11.

End brace, two required.


Figure W12.

 Clamp ring, two required.