List of Materials
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The photo is an assembly drawing of a complete pump.

If you're planning on building a pump you will need the materials listed below.

 Materials List



1/2      sheet (4' x 4' ) 1/2" exterior grade plywood

3          2"x4" x 8 feet long

1          2"x6" x 6 feet long


xx        3/8" galvanized steel rod, enough for two 20" long rods and one 4 1/2" long rod

xx        1/4" all thread rod, enough for eight 6" long pieces

8          1/4" flat washers

8          1/4" nuts

8          1/4" "T" nuts

xx        3/8" all thread rod, enough for two 5" long pieces

2          3/8 joiner nuts

2          1/4" x 4" eye bolts with hardware (nut and washer)

2          1/4" x 2" eye bolts with hardware (nut and washer)

2          3/8" x 4" eye bolts

8        3/8" flat washers

4          3/8" Nylock nuts

4          3/8" nuts

4ft.       1/8" x 1" flat steel

4          3/16" x 3/4" cotter pins

10ft.     1/8" galvanized steel cable

2           1/8" cable clamp 

2           3" diameter garage door pulleys, with hanger strap



xx         4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe (two 9" sections and two 5" sections required)

2           4" PVC pipe caps

2ft.       1 1/4" PVC pipe ( enough for some small spacers and a strainer)

4           1 1/4" PVC solvent union

4           3/4" MPT x 3/4" MPT x1" PVC pipe nipples

8           1 1/4" solvent to 3/4" FPT PVC reducers

4           3/4" MPT to 1" metal or plastic hose barbs

2           1" metal or plastic hose barb tees 

1           4 feet of 1" ID automotive type heater hose

8           Hose clamps sized to fit heater hose

4           7/8" Delrin balls**


xx         Several feet of heavy (14 Ga.-16 Ga.)galvanized wire

xx         Teflon thread tape

xx         PVC primer and solvent cement

Note: The symbol ' means Feet.

          The symbol " means Inches.

          ** Delrin balls are difficult to acquire. We're looking for a source for Delrin balls that we can publish here, or we will become a source of Delrin balls ourselves.

 Once you have your materials, the plans on the components pages will show you how to turn your materials into pump parts. The Plans Navigation Page will direct you to plans for the Wood, Metal and Plastic components pages.