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This page is intended to provide an easy means of navigating the Build Your Own Treadle Pump Plans pages.

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Build Your Own Treadle Pump Home

Important Upgrade added for Safety  

Assembly and Construction Notes Page

Photos and instructions for assembling a pump. If you're building a pump, read this page first.

List of Materials

A list of materials required to build a pump.


Pistons and Leather Cup Seals

This page describes how to make piston assemblies ,seal retainers and molded leather cup seals to fit your pump cylinders.


Wood Components   

All of the wood component plans  have been published.


PVC Components

Here you'll find photos of the cylinders and check valves, with links to how the valves are made. We'll improve on this in time.


Metal Components

The metal components are made from standard hardware store materials. The metal component plans have been  completed.


Treadle Pump Blog

This is where the effort to design the pump started. If you're interested in the history of the design, and the steps and missteps along the way, go here. 


This page is new and obviously under construction. Readers are warned that the plans linked by this page and the information on this page are preliminary and subject to change without notice. So, until we've got a better handle on what we're doing, feel free to visit and look around. We'll remove this notice when the information here has firmed up to the point that it's considered dependable.

The plans for the pump have been divided into wood components, PVC components , metal components. The Assembly and Construction Notes Page has photos and step by step instructions for assembling the different components into a working pump. If you are planning to build a pump, read the Assembly and Construction Notes Page first. The links in the left sidebar of this page will take you to each of the different component pages. If you get lost, there is a return link to this page at the bottom of each of the components pages.