Welcome to the online home of the TRB Committee on Roundabouts (ANB75), a TRB 2015 Blue Ribbon Committee Award winner!   

There are frequently new developments in roundabouts and related issues, so check back regularly for mo
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COMMITTEE SCOPE:  The TRB Committee on Roundabouts is concerned with all factors encompassing modern roundabouts.  The Committee provides focus within TRB on current issues and future research needs pertaining to modern roundabouts.  It serves as a forum for discussions about roundabout research, projects, and policy for all interested stakeholders; identifies research needs and develops research problem statements to meet the needs; and facilitates the exchange of knowledge by various media, meetings, and conferences.

Eugene R. (Gene) Russell, Sr., Co-Chair
Brian Walsh, Co-Chair

Hillary Isebrands, Secretary

Bernardo B. Kleiner, TRB Staff Representative

Abram VanElswyk, Website Manager

The TRB Committee on Roundabouts began in April 2012, as a successor to the TRB Task Force on Roundabouts (ANB75T), which was formed in 2006.  The success of the Task Force in research, conferences, and other activities spurred by the growing popularity of roundabouts in the United States led to the approval of the Task Force becoming a permanent standing committee as part of the TRB committee structure.  The Committee on Roundabouts looks to build on the groundwork laid by the Task Force to continue to promote modern roundabouts as an effective intersection treatment on the roadway network of the United States and other countries.

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For other TRB Roundabout resources, you can visit the TRB Roundabouts Information Resource Center -- http://www.trb.org/ANB75/ANB75.aspx