Young professionals

Calling all young professionals interested in health and transportation! 

Working at the intersection of health and transportation can be challenging. What careers are available in health and transportation? What skills are necessary to succeed in this field? What's the best way to infuse health perspectives into transportation and vice versa?


Young Professionals in Health and Transportation will provide students and young professionals interested in health and transportation with professional development opportunities and resources, such as networking, skills-building and mentoring. The purpose of this group is to grow and support young leaders in health and transportation.

An increasing number of young professionals are pursuing joint master’s degrees in transportation and public health and are seeking employment in non-traditional health sectors such as transportation agencies. Working at the intersection of health and transportation is a unique challenge; the lack of health and transportation specific resources available to students and young professionals makes navigating the field difficult, and at times, onerous. Many young professionals are unsure how to enter the field and lack a comprehensive understanding of which skills would best prepare them to successfully infuse public health perspectives into the transportation sector and vice versa. This group aims to bridge this gap and to providing young professionals with the tools they need to succeed in the field.