Health and Transportation Research

An important goal of the Health and Transportation Subcommittee is to advance a research agenda at the intersection of transportation and public health.  

Working through TRB offers a unique opportunity to engage in policy- and practice-relevant research.  One of the mechanisms for this engagement is to propose research topics through the Subcommittee and in coordination with other TRB Committees. 

As a Subcommittee, we invite friends to propose research ideas that would help fill gaps in knowledge about transportation and health.  We also encourage collaborate on writing research needs statements.  As subcommittee volunteers we work together to create formal research needs statements, propose projects, foster a professional network of researchers in transportation and health, and seek funding for research.  

If you would like to participate in this ongoing project, or to share research needs that you are developing please contact Carolyn McAndrews (e-mail) and Andrew Dannenberg (e-mail).

Examples of transportation issues related to public health include:
  • Auto use and parking
  • Bicycles, pedestrians, and transit
  • Data and methods for health and transportation research and practice
  • Economics and policy
  • Food environments and transportation options
  • Planning and universal design
  • Freight and goods movement
  • Populations: Transportation-challenged and vulnerable populations
    • Children
    • Environmental and social justice
    • Low-income populations
    • Older adults
    • Transportation workers
  • Rural mobility
  • Safety, injury prevention, and emergency preparedness
  • Air quality
  • Strategies for integrating health and transportation planning
  • Transportation impact assessments