Inland Water Transportation (AW020)

Annual Meeting Information:

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2017 Annual Meeting Information

The agenda for the Committee Meeting, scheduled for Monday, January 11th from 1:30 - 3:15 at the Marriott Marquis Judiciary Square Room (Level M3) is available at this link: Files

Research Needs

AW020's current research needs include the following topics:
  • Multi-region Equilibrium Fuel Transport Model
  • Assessing Railroad Capacity in the Wake of Changing Fuel Transport
  • Re-evaluating the Competitive Influence of Available Navigation on Rail Rates as Fuel Transportation Shifts
  • Promoting Increased Sustainability Awareness on the Inland Waterways
  • Port Gentrification
  • Strategic Plan for Handling Certain Dangerous Cargoes on the Inland Waterways
  • Inland Waterway Workforce and Development
  • Assessing Freight Characteristics of Waterborne Cargo
  • Developing a Multimodal Freight Transportation System
  • Inland Waterways Strategic Investment Planning
  • Inland Waterways Funding Assessment
  • e-Navigation: Single Window Data Entry and Reporting
An important function of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) is to stimulate research that addresses concerns, issues, or problems facing the transportation community. In support of this function, TRB Technical Activities standing committees identify, develop, and disseminate research need statements (RNS) for use by practitioners, researchers, and others.

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New Industry Related Information

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Interested in Becoming Involved in the Committee?

The first step is becoming a Friend of the Committee. Friends, as well as committee members, are important in reviewing research papers submitted for annual meetings and aiding in the development of important inland water transportation research.

For more information, please contact Committee Chair Elizabeth Burkhart at eburkhart@collinsengr.com.

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