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posted Dec 11, 2016, 3:45 AM by ANB 10 [updated Dec 11, 2016 11:55 PM]

Greetings and welcome to the TRB Standing Committee on Transportation Safety Management (ANB10) website. The website will serve several purposes. We will use it as a vehicle to keep members and friends informed on ANB10 business and activities, as well as recently published or in progress research associated with the Committee’s purpose. The objectives are to provide this information periodically, lessen the time needed for reporting during the ANB10 annual business meeting, and focus the meeting on more presentations, discussion, and brainstorming. We welcome feedback and suggestions from the readers about topics they would find of value. Please send your comments and suggestions to Brent Wilhite (bwilhite@pennapowers.com) and/or Susan Herbel (susan.b.herbel@gmail.com).


The Committee experienced a very large rotation in April with many new and enthusiastic members. The new roster includes a more balanced approach in terms of disciplines represented, geography, local representation, and gender.

It is difficult to adequately express our appreciation for all the work accomplished by the rotating members. Most of them served at least two terms of office and some even more. They laid a solid foundation for moving ANB10 forward. Many thanks to Catherine Durso. Pamela Fischer, Peter Kissinger, Nadine Levick, Priscilla Tobias, Roger Wentz, Xie Yuanchang, Fred Wegman, Terecia Wilson, and Kathy Zahul.

We also appreciate the current members who agreed to continue serving on and providing leadership to the Committee, including Tim Barnett, Matts-ake Belin, Andi Bill, Damiano Cafiso, Kevin Chang, Kelly Donoughe, Frank Gross, Ian Grossman, Susan Herbel, Steven Hersey, Andy Kaplan, Jake Kononov, Kim Kolody, Alphonse Montella, Mark Poppe, Marie Walsh, Jennifer Warren, and Brent Wilhite.

Finally, we are profoundly grateful for the new members who so willingly stepped up to the plate. The new members are Salvatore Biancardo, Samantha Cockfield, Mike Colety, Scott Davis, Offer Grenbeck, Chava Kronenberg, Jaeyoung Lee, Dan Magri, Joseph Marek, Juan Martinez, Stephanie Malinoff, Bonnie Polin, Kristy Rigby, Brendan Russo, Erik Strickland, Nicole Waldheim, and Robert Wunderlich.

The Committee’s work is managed by a “Leadership Group” whose positions and responsibilities are shown on the chart below. The Group bears the major responsibility for managing the committee’s overall process, but all members have agreed to specific responsibilities as well, such as serving as a liaison to another committee or subcommittee and reporting back on results, reviewing research papers submitted to ANB10, etc. The Leadership Group meets quarterly and is currently working among other things, on a strategic plan; 2017 annual meeting sessions, workshops, and other activities; and developing methods for recognizing and celebrating our deserving paper authors.

ANB10 Leadership Group

Triennial Strategic Plan

The TRB Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) requires each standing committee to develop a 3-6 year strategic plan. Much of the work identified in the previous plan has either been accomplished or is in progress; therefore, the Group is attempting to forge a new plan. Members and friends will have an opportunity to comment on a draft in December, which we hope to approve at our annual business meeting in January. We are focusing the plan on a select few cross cutting and upcoming issues and aligning the work of ANB10 more closely to the subcommittees. Suggestions for focus areas are welcome.