TRB Committee on

Transportation Safety Management


A proactive committee of multidisciplinary experts that serve as a focal point for addressing issues, anticipating trends, and setting an agenda for transportation safety management (TSM) research.


Utilize the TSM Committee’s cross-cultural, multidisciplinary, multimodal expertise and its liaisons with other TRB committees to promote and support research to advance road safety improvement.


Document existing research products and identify research gaps to guide TSM research efforts in reducing fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.


Proactively manage the transportation safety research process; stimulate exemplary research; effectively disseminate research results; create effective strategies for implementing research results; and promote a transparent and accountable transportation safety decision-making process.

Research: Key Dates; Problem Statements

The 2019 research schedule and key documents are now available on the Research page. In the Research menu, find the four problem statements supported by ANB 10.

The 2019 ANB10 Midyear Meeting is April 24-25 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Follow the link to see the agenda.

At the 2019 Annual Meeting, several individuals were honored for their service to the committee...

Contact the ANB10 Committee: Susan Herbel, Chair

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