Annual Meeting


The Rural Road Safety Policy, Programming and Implementation is a joint subcommittee of:


Keith Knapp, Chair
Joseph Marek, Co-Chair
Patrick McGowen, Web Administrator, pmcgowen at live dot com
Bernardo Kleiner, TRB Staff Member 

Working Groups

  • Research Working Group (review papers, session organization, synthesis proposal and project statement) Co-chair Keith Knapp and Kimberly Vachal
  • Outreach Working Group (workshops and efforts to connect to other conferences) Chair Karen Timpone
  • Communications Working Group (liaison with other TRB committees and other organizations) Chair Rosemarie Anderson 


Identifying new areas of rural roadway safety research needs and best methods for outreach, dissemination and implementation both within and outside the TRB organizational structure and those tasked with implementation.


The mission of the TRB Joint Subcommittee on Rural Road Safety, Policy, Programming and Implementation (JSCRRS) is to promote and support research ideas related to and assisting with decisions connected to rural roadway safety improvements. This includes planning, operations, education, emergency medical services, enforcement and engineering. General areas of research include development of policies, programming, decision-making, and countermeasure implementation for both paved and unpaved rural roadways. 


Provide a focal point/forum within TRB and facilitate research and outreach activities related to improving rural roadway safety through policies, programming, and countermeasure implementation. Act as a liaison and collaborator with other safety related committees and their activities that may be relevant to rural roadways. 

Guiding Principles

The Joint Subcommittee on Rural Road Safety Policy, Programming and Implementation will create and promote research and outreach ideas that support and/or increase the state-of-the-knowledge for collaborative rural road safety policies, programs, and countermeasure implementation. Research and outreach ideas may include the use of multidisciplinary teams, recognition of diverse roles and users of the rural road system, evidence based decision-making; implementation practices by policy-makers and practitioners.
The Joint Subcommittee on Rural Road Safety Policy, Programming and Implementation has three standing TRB parent committees including Transportation Safety Management (ANB10), Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation (ANB20), and the Low Volume Roads Committee (AFB30). Collectively, these TRB standing committees represent all aspects of the work under this joint subcommittee with the following key priorities:

  • Supporting ANB10 with whose goal is to document existing research products and identify research gaps to guide transportation safety management research efforts in reducing fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.
  • Supporting ANB20 whose goal is to improve the understanding of highway safety through data analysis and modeling.
  • Supporting AFB30 to better understand all aspects of low-volume roads including planning, design, construction, safety, maintenance, operations, environmental and social issues..
As research efforts and results increase within this joint subcommittee, transitioning from a joint subcommittee to a task force will likely be a goal in the future.

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