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Kenneth A. Stonex Award

The Kenneth A. Stonex Roadside Safety Award was established in 1991 to recognize lifetime contributions to roadside safety.  It was originally sponsored by General Motors and was named for Ken Stonex, a GM employee who was a pioneer for roadside safety long before the seriousness of ran-off-road crashes was recognized by most transportation agencies.  GM ended its support for this award several years ago and AFB20 has been able to continue to present the award annually to a deserving individual because of the support and sponsorship of several companies who have been very active in our committee’s activities.  I would like to take this opportunity to recognize these folks and thank them for their continued support:

TRC, Inc.

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.

  Trinity Industries

Transpo Industries

Barrier Systems, Inc.



                           2015      Mike Dreznes (International Road Federation)
                           2014      Jim Bryden (New York State DOT, retired / Highway Safety Consultant)
                         2013      Dr. Rod Troutbeck (Troutbeck & Associates)
                         2012      Dr. Malcolm Ray (Roadsafe LLC)
                                       Dr. Richard G McGinnis (Bucknell University)  
                         2011      Dr. Dean L. Sicking (Midwest Roadside Safety Facility)
                         2010      Owen Denman (Barrier Systems)
                         2009      Thomas Turbell (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute – VTI)

                         2008      Richard Powers (FHWA)

                         2007      Dr. Jack Carney (University of Missouri – Rolla)

 2006      Arthur Dinitz (Transpo Industries)

 2005      Malcolm MacDonald (Transport Research Laboratory)

 2004      King K. Mak (Texas Transportation Institute)

 2003      Dr. C. Eugene Buth (Texas Transportation Institute)

 2002      James H. Hatton (FHWA)

 2001      Roger L. Stoughton (Caltrans)

 2000      William C. Burnett (NYSDOT)

 1999      Dr. Vittorio Giavotto (Politecnico di Milano)

 1998      John C. Fitch (Lime Rock, Connecticut)

 1997      Jarvis D. Michie (San Antonio, Texas)

 1996      Flory J. “Tam” Tamanini (Federal Highway Administration)

 1995      Maurice E. Bronstad (Southwest Research Institute)

 1994      Dr. Hayes E. Ross, Jr. (Texas Transportation Institute)

 1993      Dr. Teddy J. Hirsch (Texas Transportation Institute)

 1992      Malcolm Graham (NYSDOT)

                                       Posthumous awards to:

                                       Eric F. Nordlin (Caltrans)

               Dr. Edward R. Post (University of Nebraska)

 1991      John L. Beaton (Caltrans)

Best Paper Award  
AFB20 also presents an award for the best paper that is selected from the papers submitted for review by the committee each year.


Past Recipients

2015    Using Risk Analysis to Minimize Adverse Consequences in Nonstandard Designs

            Malcolm Howard Ray, Christine Carrigan

2014    Safety Investigation and Guidance for Retrofitting Existing Approach Guardrail Transition 

            Jennifer D. Schmidt, Eric R. Jowza, Ronald K. Faller, Scott K. Rosenbaugh, John D.


2013     MASH TL-2 Guardrail-to-Bridge-Rail Transition Compatable with 31-in Guardrail

             Roger Bligh, Dusty Arrington, Rory Meza  


2012     Development and Implementation of the Simplified MGS Stiffness Transition

             Karla A. Lechtenberg, Mario Mongiardini, Scott K Rosenbaugh, Ronald K. Faller, Robert Bielenberg, 

             Francisco Daniel  Benicio de Albuquerque


2011     Development of a Low-Cost, Energy Absorbing, Bridge Rail

             Jeffery C. Thiele, Dean L. Sicking, Ronald K. Faller, Karla A. Lechtenberg, Robert Bielenberg, John D. Reid,

              Scott K. Rosenbaugh


2010    Limits of Acceptable Rail and Post Deflection in Crash-Damaged Strong-Post W-Beam Guardrail

            Carolyn E. Hampton, Douglas J. Gabauer, Hampton C. Gabler


2009    Guidelines for Implementation of Cable Median Barrier,

  Dean L. Sicking, Francisco Daniel Benicio de Albuquerque, Karla A. Lechtenberg, Cody S.Stolle


2008    Midwest Guardrail System Adjacent to a 2:1 Slope

  Karla A. Polivka, Ronald K. Faller, Dean L. Sicking, Robert W. Bielenberg


2007    Midwest Guardrail System for Long-Span Applications

  Robert W. Bielenberg, Ronald K. Faller, Dean L. Sicking, John Rohde, John D. Reid


2006    Development of a Low-Deflection Portable Concrete Barrier

  Roger P. Bligh


  Midwest Guardrail System for Long-Span Applications

  Robert W. Bielenberg


2005    Transition from Guardrail to Concrete Bridge Rail for Low-Speed Roadways

   Roger P. Bligh

AFB20 Volunteer of the Year

The AFB20 committee will recognize individuals who go above and beyond to further the work of the committee.  This award was created in 2012.


        2014    Doug Gabauer (Bucknell University)

        2013   Christine Carrigan (RoadSafe LLC) 

        2012    Mike Dreznes (International Road Federation)

                    Rod Troutbeck (Troutbeck & Associates)
Best Practice Ready Paper Award
The TRB Design and Construction Group presents an award for the Best Practice Ready Paper. This award is given each year to an outstanding published paper that is judged to have the best potential for immediate implementation in the design and construction of transportation facilities.
The following papers, which were generated by AFB20, have recieved this award.
2013    MASH TL-2 Guardrail-to-Bridge Rail Transition Compatible with 31-inch Guardrail
            Roger Bligh, Dusty Arrington, and Rory Meza
2011     Development of a Low-Cost, Energy Absorbing, Bridge Rail

             Jeffery C. Thiele, Dean L. Sicking, Ronald K. Faller, Karla A. Lechtenberg, Robert Bielenberg, John D. Reid,

             Scott K. Rosenbaugh


2010    Application of a Pre-Cast Concrete Barrier Adjacent to a Steep Roadside Slope
            Nauman Sheikh, Roger Bligh, Richard Albin, and Dave Olson

K. B. Woods Award

The K. B. Woods Award was established by the Executive Committee in 1971 and may be given annually for the outstanding paper published in the field of design and construction of transportation facilities. It honors the 19th chairman of the Highway Research Board, who was professor emeritus of engineering in the Schools of Engineering at Purdue University and active in the affairs of the Board throughout his career. The names of the award recipients and the titles of their papers follow

The following papers, which were generated by AFB20, have recieved this award.

NAUMAN M. SHEIKH, ROGER P. BLIGH, AND JOHN M. HOLT, Minimum Rail Height and Design Impact Load for Longitudinal Barriers That Meet Test Level 4 of Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware






JOHN F. CARNEY III, SUBHASISH CHATTERJEE, and RICHARD B. ALBIN, Development of a 100-km/h Reusable High-Molecular Weight/High Density Polyethylene Truck-Mounted Attenuator


TODD R. GUIDRY and W. LYNN BEASON, Development of a Low-Profile Portable Concrete Barrier