The Committee focuses on the review and dissemination of research and identification of research needs related to the design, testing, selection, placement, and in-service performance of roadside safety features such as traffic barriers; crash cushions; structural supports for luminaires, signals, utilities; drainage structures; and other safety features used in the transportation right-of- way. The Committee has an international perspective that includes considerations of the impact performance, degree of hazard, environmental factors, and cost-effectiveness that must be considered in the design and use of these features.  The Committee also addresses the analyses and testing methods and protocols that are critical to determining crashworthiness of roadside features. The primary objective is to aid in the development of roadside safety features that provide cost-effective safety to the traveling public

Committee Leadership

Chair – Roger Bligh
 Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Subcommittee Chairs
  • Computational Mechanics – Nauman Sheikh (Texas A&M Transportation Institute)
  • International Activities – Mike Dreznes (International Road Federation) & Rod Troutbeck (Troutbeck & Associates)
  • Positive Protection in Work Zones – Melisa Finley (Texas A&M Transportation Institute),

AFB20 Liaison – Dean Alberson (Bulwark Design Innovations, LLC)

Secretary – John Donahue (Washington State DoT) 

Research Needs Coordinator – Doug Gabauer (Bucknell University) 

Communications Coordinator – Dhafer Marzougui (George Mason University)