John and Jane Public Competition

Why don’t they understand? Transportation professionals often find it challenging to communicate critical transportation concepts to a non-technical audience. While some have found tools, graphics, or just the right words to convey their message, research tells us that transportation professionals still face a largely uninformed public.

In 2007, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Planning and Environment Group launched a new competition looking for fresh and creative methods for communicating technical transportation issues with “John and Jane Q. Public” to share with others within the profession. The inaugural competition, had an open theme that solicited communication strategies of technical issues. The contest yielded overwhelming results, with 70 entries received and 11 invited to present at the 2008 TRB Annual Meeting. Since then, the competition has featured a different theme, ranging from a focus on sustainability and climate change to last year’s contest that focused on emergency management. Each of these contests and the recognized organizations are featured in articles on the contest published in the Transportation Research News.

Please click on the links below for information on this year's competition, as well as the winners from previous years.

2017 Competition: Communicating the Value of Long-Term Transportation Planning

2013 Competition: Transportation Modeling

2012 Competition: Transportation Finance and Policy Related Solutions

2011 Competition: Transportation During Emergency Situations