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The scope of this TRB committee includes all aspects of research pertaining to intermodal freight transport. Attention has traditionally been given to rail-water, rail-highway, highway-water, and highway-air modal combinations, but other combinations are also of interest. As used here, intermodal freight transport includes all shipments that employ more than one mode in a single through movement from origin to destination. Consideration of rates, routes, services, transfer facilities, containers, and other items that impact the movement of freight in intermodal transport are included.


Richard B. Easley
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Richard B. Easley is the President of E-Squared Consulting Corporation and for 19 years has led his ITS company’s efforts on projects nationwide in the areas of Intermodal Freight, Transit, Traveler Information, Commercial Vehicle Operations, Electronic Payment Systems and Parking. Mr. Easley has served on various ITS related committees including serving as Chairman of the ITS America Intermodal Task Force, Chairman of the ITS America CVO Architecture and Standards Subcommittee, Chairman of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Goods Movement Council, Co-Chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s Intermodal Freight Transport Committee (currently), Chairman of the TRB Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations Freight Subcommittee (currently) as well as President of ITS Maryland. Prior to Richard’s work at E-Squared he worked for the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) as an Interim Director and Senior Staff Engineer for several years where his duties included serving as the national coordinator for commercial vehicle operations activities. In addition to national and international ITS consulting contracts/research, Mr. Easley participates in public service work through his church in his local community and has led numerous mission trips to help impoverished children in Central America and West Africa.
Mr. Easley is a graduate of Texas State Technical College with an AAS in Civil Engineering Technology, Austin Community College with an AS in Mathematics and the University of Texas at Austin with both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering.

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