Wednesday 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM 
Marriott Marquis, Independence D (M4) 

  1. Introductions  


  1. Reports   

a.     Staff Report (Jennifer Weeks)

b.     Report from ADB00 Travel Analysis Methods Section Chair (Chandra Bhat) 


3.         Committee Report (Kouros Mohammadian)  

a.     2019 Annual Meeting paper review process & results 

b.     2019 TRB workshops / sessions  

c.     Membership 

d.     Partnership with Transportation, Springer Journal (Kay Axhausen) 


4.         Subcommittee Reports 

a.     ADB10(1) Time Use and Activity Patterns (Juan Carrasco & Karthik Konduri) 

b.     ADB10(2) Route Choice & Spatial-Temporal Behavior (Joe Chow) 

c.     ADB10(3) International Travel Behavior (Elisabetta Cherchi) 

d.     ADB10(4) Behavioral Processes (Floridea Di Ciommo  & Kate Deutsch-Burgner) 

e.     ADB10(5) World Society for Transport and Land Use Research (João de Abreu e Silva)

f.      ADB40(1) Emerging Methods (Taha Rashidi & Amanda Stathopoulos) 

g.     ADD50(1) Heath & Travel Behavior Subcommittee (Ipek Sener) 

h.     ABJ10 (1) Long Distance and Intercity Travel Joint Subcommittee (Jeffrey J. LaMondia) 

i.      ADB10 research coordinator (Khandker Nurul Habib) 

j.      ADB10 communications coordinator (Arun Kuppam) 


  1. Triennial Strategic Plan – Discussion (All)


  1. Travel Behavior Research; Proposed 2019-20 activities: an open discussion concerning possible new activities for ADB10 (All) 


  1. Reports/Announcements of conferences, publications, and other items of interest (All) 


  1. Other Business 


  1. Adjournment
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