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ABJ10(x) Long Distance and Intercity Travel

Subcommittee Chair

Dr. Lisa Aultman-Hall

Lisa Aultman-Hall, Ph.D.

Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Transportation Research Center

University of Vermont

Burlington, VT 05405

802 656 1245

Subcommittee Meeting

Marriott Marquis, Liberty O (M4)  
Monday, January 8, 2018 | 10:15 am - 12:00 pm 


1. Introductions - all

2. Administrative Updates

Formally subcommittee of ABJ10 and ABJ40; working with ADB10 and AVO20
Changes and Planning for ABJ10 our role
New committee and sub-committee chairs

3. TRB 2018

Paper Reviews
Call received 13 papers (10 accepted for presentation and 1 revised for publication)

Invited Speaker Panel: Modeling Intercity Long-Distance Travel: Bringing Air and Surface Modes Together
Tuesday 1:30PM 154, Convention Center

Posters Understanding Longer-Distance Journeys
Monday 8AM, Hall E, Convention Center

Lectern Session
Research Using Cellular Phone Data for Intercity Travel
Wednesday 2:30PM, Convention Center, 150B

4. Federal Projects Update

Developing National OD Matrices from Mobile Device Data
Dr. Lei Zhang University of Maryland

5. Long Distance Travel Workshop
Report back from the International Travel Survey Conference, Quebec in September 2017
Speaker: Dr. Jeff LaMondia
Discussant: Dr. Linda Christensen

6. Call for Papers 2019

7. Research Needs Statements

8. Strategic Planning for our Parent Committee
This is a unique time for ABJ10 the whole committee is turning over and TRB triennial committee plans are due right after the Annual Meeting. We are ABJ10’s only subcommittee. Where should ABJ10 go?