A small tool for launching applications from the system tray. Includes support for running multiple versions and profiles of Firefox, Thunderbird or any other Gecko-based application.



April 28 2007

Version 0.6 is out!

Includes an installer and checkbox support (on/off entries) and a batch of bug fixes and improvements.


Version: 0.6 (28/04/2007)
Changes since 0.5:

  • Added: (un)installer
  • Added: checkbox support
  • Added: GUI options for the above
  • Added: MultipleInstances option to allow -duh- multiple instances
  • Improved: lots of optimizations of memory/cpu usage
  • Changed: disallow multiple instances by default
  • Changed: "application not found" is now balloontip
  • Fixed: StartOnBoot is now supported on Win95/98/ME (maybe, can't test)
  • Fixed: GUI: order of entries no longer resets when adding new entry
  • Fixed: Update path was broken
  • Fixed: Leftover files were not cleaned up

Download it here (221 kB). 

or here for the .zip-file (181 kB).


TrayLaunchy gives an error when opening Options.
It needs .NET Framework 2.0 to make it work. If you don't feel like installing it (if you don't already have it), you can still configure the .ini-file manually.

How can I configure the .ini-file manually?
See this document for more information.

I'm still working on this app, so if you spotted any bugs or want a feature, mail to .


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