Notes on eBay Auction Shipping Costs

We have created this page to fully explain prices and options for shipping our items from eBay auctions.

Thank you for your interest in our auction listings.

All of our eBay items ship from Munich, Germany.

The shipping prices included in the eBay auction listings are for STANDARD MAIL shipment.

For Orders WITHIN EUROPE:  STANDARD MAIL usually presents no problem, the items will arrive quickly.

For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Packages to the United States, Asia, Australia, etc, STANDARD MAIL is sometimes not a desirable service to use, depending entirely on the size and weight of the shipment.  A book weighing under .5kg (500g) via this method usually arrives quickly, however a 3kg book sent via STANDARD MAIL from Germany to the United States can take six months to arrive, as it will come via surface mail. For this reason, after our auctions end, we immediately write to advise our customers about what we believe will be the most effective and most rapid way to send their order. Generally we quote for the cheapest shipping that we believe will help the package arrive within 7-14 days of mailing. In the cases of very heavy items, this MAY DRASTICALLY EXCEED the quoted cost for STANDARD MAIL. Below you will find the exact costs for most shipping methods, however it is always best to write us in advance for a quote -- we will then able to tell you EXACTLY what the realistic shipping cost will be, including airmail charges if needed or desired.

CURRENCY: Shipping costs are figured in Euros, and are then converted to USD at the current rate, presently $1.55/1 Euro.

International Package Shipping Rates:

Packages Under 2kg are sent via Registered Letter Airmail, at the following rates:

Up to 100g  4.00 Euro -- Up to 500g 8.00 Euro -- Up to 1kg 12 Euro -- Up to 2kg  24 Euro

Packages Over 2kg are sent via Small Packet Mail.

Within Small Packet Mail, two options exist: "Normal" and "Express".

All small packet parcels cross oceans via airmail, the only difference is in the delivery time inside the destination country. For example: when sending a 5kg package to New York, we use the "Normal" shipment method which is usually quite fast, 7-10 days from the date of mailing. However, an identical package sent to Chicago can be much slower in some cases up to 3-4 weeks via "normal".  So when sending inland within America, we usually add the "express" option to help insure that the order arrives quickly. We have wide experience shipping orders of all sizes and weights all over the world -- if you have questions please e-mail and we will clearly lay out all of the options for you. 

Packages over 2kg -Costs

Normal:  2kg to 5kg 32 Euro -- 5kg to 10kg 42 Euro -- 10kg to 20kg 62 Euro

Express: 2kg to 5kg 48 Euro -- 5kg to 10kg 74 Euro -- 10kg to 20kg 116 Euro

Orders over 20kg must be split into multiple packages.

DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc:  In many cases, for extremely valuable items, we recommend using an outside shipping service for extra security -- we can provide discussion and exact costs for shipments like this upon request.


Once Again THANK YOU for your interest in our auctions. We are on call at all times to provide detailed answers to your questions about shipment times and costs -- please just click through the "ask seller a question" link in our listings to contact us.