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  • Exemplify simplicity in my environment, including design, possessions, clothing and pursuits
  • Pursue artistic activities that are fun just because they are fun, don't worry if they aren't productive
  • Enjoy learning, playing and listening to guitar and piano music

  • Be positive, kind, helpful, respectful, encouraging and loving toward myself and others
  • Maintain a daily attitude that focuses on principles, possibilities, gratitude and the big picture
  • Be mindful, taking time to meditate and observe without reacting or judging

  • Work with organizations that help end suffering and achieve world peace
  • Seek out new and exciting ways to do what you love to do and always follow your passions
  • Always remain principle-centered
  • Maintain an open mind always searching for truth, ready to learn, change and grow
  • Dedicate yourself to acquiring knowledge which helps end suffering and promotes world peace
  • Constantly seek out people who are happy, kind, adventurous and wise


  • Be a kind and loving partner in an honest and supportive relationship
  • Earn the respect and admiration of children by being consistent, loving, encouraging and active
  • Be a family member who is loving, appreciative, respectful and fun


  • Save, invest and share money to help others
  • Spend money on valuables that are truly important, stay as simple as possible
  • Always do what you love and let the money follow

  • Be in good health deep into old age through regular exercise, sleep and a good nutrition
  • Stay active through recreational sports, volunteer coaching and playing at home
  • Do regular meditative exercises like lifting, stretching and deep breathing


  • Enjoy a life full of adventures, friendship, love, spirituality and enlightenment
  • Explore and seek out adventures regularly without fear, following your passions and dreams wherever they take you
  • Play with dogs regularly


  • Help other people at all times
  • Write and share experiences with others so that they might be inspired and seek out similar volunteer experiences for themselves
  • Accept leadership responsibilities when ready to lead and always lead foremost by example