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Capacity Building

Sukhbaatar Health Department
Collaboration with Counterparts
Community Development

Sukhbaatar Children's Center
Collaboration with PCV Alex Yang

Sukhbaatar Province
Collaboration with Community Members

Peace Corps Community
Worldwide Partnerships and Involvement
Resource Development

Sukhbaatar Province
Collaboration with PCVs
  • Sharing Peace Corps Life Skills Books
  • Improving Scouting Leadership
  • Sharing Technology Skills
  • Sharing English Language Resources
  • Sharing Leadership Skills Presentation
  • Sharing English Lesson Resources
  • Helping with Mongolia Travel Guide

Peace Corps Community
Worldwide Partnerships and Involvement
  • Writing Unofficial Volunteer Handbook
  • Assisting with PeaceCorpsWiki
  • Assisting with Unofficial Peace Corps Movie
  • Featured in Worldview Magazine
  • Coordinating Anniversary Celebrations
    • Peace Corps Mongolia 20th
    • Peace Corps Global 50th
    • PCM Anniversary Calendar
  • Coordinated First-Ever 3rd Year Conference
  • Strengthened Relationships Between Peace Corps Key Stakeholders in Mongolia Including Millennium Challenge Account, World Health Organization and Ministry of Health
  • Developed capacity of Peace Corps staff