Precinct Vacancies

Our goal is to fill EVERY voting precinct in Travis County with a loyal Republican to help us with the business of electing Republicans up and down the ballot. If you're reading this page, then you're likely someone we would like to serve as a Precinct Chairman! Below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions:

HOW DO I SERVE AS A PRECINCT CHAIRMAN? If you would like to serve as a Precinct Chair then please contact TCRP at 512.302.1776 and we will put you in touch with the committee who will contact you for a quick interview. Please click on or copy and paste this link to your browser to access the application:

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY PRECINCT IS VACANT? A list of current Precinct Chairs may be found
here. If your precinct is currently full, don't worry -- we have many opportunities to serve!  

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH PRECINCT IS MINE? Your assigned voting precinct number should appear under the "Prec. No." box on the left-hand side of your voter registration card as demonstrated in the picture below (colors may vary). If you do not have a voter registration card handy, you may find your precinct number at the following link (under Voter Lookup): We have also included some maps below in case there are any further questions.

WHAT IF I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO BE A PRECINCT CHAIRMAN? No worries -- we'll train you! More information on trainings and some handy resources will be sent to you once you are appointed and/or elected. It's easy and it doesn't take a political genius -- just a love for freedom and lower taxes.

Voter Registration Card

Total number of Precincts (vacant and filled): 247
Last update: 8/17/18

Visit District Viewer for a detailed map (including streets, waterways, etc.), and then select "Precincts" (as indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below) and zoom in to Travis County (using the wheel on your mouse or scrollbar on left-hand side). 

NOTE: Below is a link to a helpful Excel Spreadsheet provided by the Travis County Elections Division that lists all of the precincts in Travis County for every jurisdiction from the 2012 election (following the most recent redistricting). This will come in handy when determining which federal, state, and county races will appear on local precinct ballots.
Andy Hogue,
Mar 23, 2015, 1:20 PM