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Music and Candidates
Sunday, Oct 17th, 2010
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Weirdos (Parmer & MOPAC)
We will be out at Weirdos on Sunday, 10/17/10, to celebrate the beginning of early voting on Monday the 18th.  The following candidates will all be there!
Mark Strama, our state rep who knows education and energy (a twofer)
Karin Crump, the judicial candidate who does have a law degree
Judy Jennings, candidate for the SBOE who thinks you need to know she is an educator (unlike her opponent who thinks you need to know she is a Christian)
Ted Ankrum, who is running for Congress in neighboring precincts 
Speeches will be short.  There will be a Q&A and time to chat with the candidates. Bring your waffling neighbors. We have great candidates and this is an opportunity to show them off.
Bring the kids.  There is an outdoor play area with playscape. There are 2 bands coming. 
Balloons, chips, salsa and iced tea is on us.  The Weirdos menu is satisfying and not expensive.  Check it out here...
There is a map under the "contact" link.  Try to enter from Parmer or  Waters Park Rd, Trying to enter from Mopac is a bit of a hassle.
Time to Party with State Rep Mark Strama!
Report from the Convention
in Corpus Christi
by Kathy Carvell, 327 Dem Pct Chair, 6/26/10
The convention was a lot of fun. We have great candidates and even I, with my attention span of a gnat, sat through all the speeches and wasn't bored. WE have some EXCELLENT candidates, starting with our own Mark Strama all the way to Bill White. As my husband's relatives used to say about some other relatives, "he ain't flash", but we don't need a flashy movie extra in the Governor's mansion. We need competence and integrity and Bill White has demonstrated both during his tenure as Houston's mayor.

Candidates in addition to Bill White who really knocked my socks off: Jeff Weems who is running for railroad commissioner (think oil and water), Hector Uribe for land commission and Linda Chavez Thompson who  is running for Lieutenant Governor.  She is dynamite in a small package!

Hank Gilbert's
mother had died the night before the convention so he was unable to attend, however, I had heard him speak before and you want to be sure to hear him if you have the chance.  Everything you buy, meat, milk and gas is under the dept of agriculture.

Mark Strama reminded us not to lose sight of the really important race which is to take back the state house.  We need to retain the seats we have, which include Mark's, Donna Howard's, Valinda Bolton's and Diana Maldonado's.  Winning the Governor's race would be great, but dealing with another 10 years in which the Republicans draw our election districts to enlarge their influence and dilute ours is a losing proposition. So, send any spare dollars you have to Valinda and Diana, or better yet, go volunteer to block walk for them so they can continue to serve Texans.

2010 Primaries Complete!
by Kathy Carvell, 327 Dem Pct Chair, 5/9/10
May 8th, the top two vote getters for the AISD were Tamala Barksdale and Julie Cowan.  Tamala has no money for yard signs and Julie's blanketed Great Hills resulting in a lopsided vote for Julie.  We can do better now that we are paying attention. See details at right and get out and vote for Tamala.  Your kids will appreciate it.
First  a big THANK YOU out to Lin, Judy, Larry and Steve who worked the polls from 6 AM to 8 PM on March 2.  The chairs are hard, the waits  between voters long, and the temperature  bone chilling cold.  Yet these stalwarts persevered and provided 100% of us with the opportunity to do that which 8.79% of us did.  If they don't show up, the poll is closed and we trek off to some other distant polling station.  So, a big thank you to all of them. Democracy works because they do.

Perhaps you are as wonky as I and wondered how we stack up in the voting arena.  Remember the aphorism about 80% of life is showing up?  So, 8.79% of the registered voters in our precinct showed up to vote in the Dem primary-16.92% voted in the the Republican primary.  I was really disappointed in those numbers until I read further and found out that the total turnout for the Dem primary in Travis County was 6.65%..   So on some level we are above average.

Another interesting fact is that the voters were evenly divided between the early voters and those who voted on election day which was not the case in the general election with more than 60% early voting.

For those of you who like to get the info from the horses' mouth, or website, here it is:
by Kathy Carvell, 327 Dem Pct Chair, 3/3/10
If you put out a Bill White sign for the primaries, it would probably be a good idea to bring it in for the summer.  If you leave it up too long, people stop seeing them. We will have a "sign day," probably Labor Day weekend, when we put them all out again.

Thanks for being there.  Especially the 8.79 % of you.  Hope that will be 87% in November!


Get one before they are all gone. Kathy Carvell still has Large and X-Large T-Shirts with the new logo. They are only $10 each which includes delivery in the area. Contact Kathy to reserve yours now! traviscounty327@gmail.com or 795-0290
See what they look like in our pictures of the Aug 28th party. Click here!



Tuesday, November 02, 2010 -- Joint General and Special Elections

  • Voter Registration Deadline: Monday, October 04, 2010
  • Begin Accepting Applications to Vote by Mail: Friday, September 03, 2010
  • Final Day to Accept Applications to Vote by Mail: Tuesday, October 26, 2010
  • Early In Person Voting Begins: Monday, October 18, 2010
  • Early In Person Voting Ends: Friday, October 29, 2010


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