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  • - - A great list of over 348 magazines!   When you get to the Amazon site, click on "Travel" in the column on the left.  You will get a LONG list of travel magazines. Find a few that seem appropriate for your topic.   Then go to each magazine's web site (by typing the magazine's name into to find out about submission guidelines, payment, desired length, etc.

  • State and Regional Magazine Site  A great site which lists lots of state and local magazines

  • Yahoo Directory--Travel Magazines

  • Another Yahoo Travel Magazine Site -- Yahoo can help you find a specialized travel
             publication by region or subject matter.  Just click away!

  • -- Type "travel" into this commercial site and you will be amazed at the number of magazines that will turn up. Many on this list seem more regional than national in scope.

  • -- Lots of useful links for travel writers.  However, the site is fairly commercial.

  • 50 Travel Magazines that Want Your Writing


Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Area Magazines

Online Travel Sites that Publish Freelance Travel Articles