Habitat - How to "Apply"

For Fuller team going to Nepal 2018, go to the next page, titled "Fuller Center  How to Apply and Make Payments".

For the Habitat teams going to Mayanmar and/or Malawi 2018:  Even if you have gone on multiple teams, you now have to fill out an Interest Survey (they don't call it an application any more).  It does help if you happen to remember your 8-digit account number from prior teams. That number does stay with you for all teams, supposedly.  If you are assigned a new account number, let me know.  It is your accounting number for all your funds.  You will need it every time you or your donors send money.  The Interest Survey must be completed online, as paper or fax surveys are no longer accepted.  Use the GV website http://www.habitat.org/gv/how_to_apply.aspx.  Specify "Myanmar May 2018" or "Malawi November 2018" as the team you are interested in and it will be sent to us.  If you are interested in BOTH, fill our TWO applications.  You will receive a confirmation number that your survey was received.  If you do not get this within a few days, check your spam/junk folder; otherwise, there was a glitch and you'll need to fill it out again. That confirmation number is NOT your account number - after you receive the confirmation number you will receive an 8-digit Participant ID number within 48-72 hours. If  you don't get it, again check your spam/junk folder, and then contact me if it's not there.  Keep that number handy as you will need it for making payments and fundraising.  That account number will stay with you for this and all future GV teams. Supposedly.


The Global Village forms that must be submitted consist of:
  • the GV Interest form;
  • the Emergency Contact Information (ECI);
  • the Release and Waiver of Liability form;
  • and the Participant Acknowledgement form.
All of these forms must  be filled out online.

Don't know where your passport info is?  If you do not have a current passport, or do not have easy access to your passport, you can still submit your application and submit passport information later.

Make sure your email address is spelled correctly, as that is how you will be contacted.

The ECI also asks for health insurance information; you do NOT have to have health insurance to apply, but if you do have insurance, please submit that information.



Please, read ALL of the information on THIS website about the team that you are interest in, as well as "About the Team Leaders",  before submitting your Interest Survey to join this particular team. Filling out the form is easy, takes little time, and does not commit you to any team. Nor does it mean that you have been invited to join a team; but you must have an Interest Survey on file in order to be considered for a team


If, after reading all the information, you are still seriously interested, fill out an Interest form and it will be forwarded to us.


Contact the team leader by email. In that email confirm that you have read the information and have an form on file for this team,  and now would like to request a phone call.  This call is for the purpose of clarifying expectations, by both the participant and the team leader, and to ask specific questions that are not answered with the information from this website.  If there are multiple participants in one family or a group, each member must have this phone conversation, which can be a conference call to include all members or individual calls.  Please give us:
  •     your phone number    
  •     time zone you will be in for the call
  •     potential dates and times that you would be available  (remember that we are on Alaska time, which is four hours earlier than east coast, 1 hour earlier than west coast)

After the phone call, the team leaders will either extend an invitation or, if the team is almost full, give a date when an invitation may be possible.   When an invitation is extended, it must be accepted or declined within two weeks.  If the team is almost full, that time frame will be shorter.    If accepting, you must make your non-refundable, non-transferable deposit  immediately to be recognized as a team member.  Information on how to make a deposit is detailed on this website under that heading.