How to Apply & Update Your Application

If you have an application already on file with Global Village, that is LESS than a year old AND does not need any updating of personal information, then all you have to do is call the Global Village registrar at 1-800-422-4828 ext 7530, or write and request that your application be forwarded to the team leaders at

If your application is more than a year old, or needs updating, simply call that same number and give the representative your updated information and ask that the application to then be forward to us. While you have someone on the phone, ask for your 8 digit ID number if you don't remember it, and jot it down. THEN, request that you be sent a link to fill out a new waiver form.
If you have never had an application on file with Global Village, you need to go online to and fill out a new application which will include waiver and emergency contact forms (tips on how to fill it out are below).
After you have either requested your application to be forwarded or have submitted an updated or new application, contact the team leaders to let us know so we can be on the lookout for it.  Give us the 5-digit confirmation number you received when you submitted an application or your 8-digit ID number, whichever you have.
If you are new to Global Village, filling out an application form is easy, takes little time, and does not commit you to any team. Nor does it mean that you have been invited to join a team; but you must have an application on file in order to be interviewed for a team. See "tips on filling out the application" below.

The Global Village forms that must be submitted consist of:
  • the GV application form;
  • the Emergency Contact Information (ECI);
  • the Release and Waiver of Liability form;
  • and the Participant Acknowledgement form.

All of these forms can  be filled out online.

Don't know where your passport info is?  If you do not have a current passport, or do not have easy access to your passport, you can still submit your application and submit passport information later.

Make sure your email address is spelled correctly, as that is how you will be contacted.

If you are applying for more than one team, fill out the countries and dates for each team on ONE application form. If applying only for this team, give Bali event #16321 as your preferred destination and the exact dates of the team, Sept 26-Oct 9.  Without that info your application could be sent to another team with the same destination.

The ECI also asks for health insurance information; you do NOT have to have health insurance to apply, but if you do have insurance, please submit that information.

After you submit the forms, you will receive a 5 digit confirmation number (which only tells you that the application was received - it is not your permanent account number).  If you do not get a confirmation number, there was a snafu in the process and your application did not go through and you must re-submit.
Global Village receives electronic applications via the online application web page, The application and other forms can be filled out online, or downloaded for a paper copy to submit by mail or fax. The online process is immediate whereas applications by mail or fax may take up to two weeks. We have to have an electronic copy of this application sent to us by the Global Village Department before the interview, so we encourage you to apply online to save time.  When the application is entered into the database you will be advised of your 8-digit Habitat ID account number (which is your PERMANENT account number for any team you join now and in the future).

Please, read ALL of the information on this website about the Bali team, as well as "About the Team Leaders" before submitting your application to join this particular team.  Applying does not commit you to anything, but we do consider the application seriously once we receive it. 

The traditional interview is for the purpose of clarifying expectations, by both the participant and the team leader, and to ask specific questions that are not answered with the information from this website.  If there are multiple participants in one family or a group, each member must have this phone conversation, which can be a conference call to include all members or individual calls. 

Once your application is received, we'll schedule a short phone call to go over any details that you and/or the team leader needs to clarify. 

After the phone call, the team leaders will either extend an invitation or suggest to the applicant different opportunities. 
When an invitation is extended, it must be accepted or declined within a time period time designated by the team leader, usually 1 week.  The more full the team becomes, the shorter the time period to accept or decline.  If accepting, you must make your non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $350 immediately to be recognized as a team member by Global Village. For more information on making the deposit, read Payment and Donation Procedures & Policies.