Warning: Indian Tourism Information

This is a warning on this travel agency:

Indian Tourism Information (also Travel Venture India Pvt Ltd),
7A/44, W.E.A., Channa Market, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India 110005.

They sell outrageously overpriced and badly arranged travel packages to backpackers. They pretend to make friends with you, win your trust, and then shamelessly rip you off.
The managers Ali (Altaf Ahmed Khuroo) and Nazir Dandoo are the ones who do the deals.

 Ali (Altaf Ahmed Khuroo) Nazir Dandoo

They claim to be "goverment approved" and part of "Incredible India" to appear like a serious business.

Be careful, do not book with them! You will sincerely regret!

These are their websites:

They also do Houseboat-Trips in Kashmir: