The Life of Water - Exhibit at The Audubon - June-July 2010

The great hero of The Ramayana, Rama, became so thirsty one day that he shot an arrow into the earth and created the River Ganges.

Now I admit that that is a tall tale but a legend nevertheless believed by many.

Though I have not been to India I have traveled the mighty Mouldau in Prague, the rivers Avon and Thames in England, watered my toes in the Mekong River, Cambodia, shivered by the beaches of the Atlantic, cooled by the breezes from the Pacific, jolted in a small boat on the Black Sea and stood on the shores of the Neva river in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I inherited my “itchy feet” from my parents and my father gave me my first camera, a German Retina, small enough to fit into my palm yet mighty enough to stop the motion of the waves as the bow of my ship sliced through the waters of the Atlantic ocean on its way to Greece. There, in the harbor of Naphlion, I caught the morning sun on a Greek fishing boat.

My life and the life of water are interwoven into a patchwork of love and admiration. Water sustains us ...

... surrounds us ...

 ... soothes us, feeds us, and works small miracles with our emotions ...

... calming us, thrilling us, frightening us. Yet as you watch the sun set over Maine’s waters, follow the reflections of pleasure and fishing boats in the many harbors and marinas on the north shore of Massachusetts and California and around the world you cannot fail to delight in water’s complexities and beauty.

The images you find here are created in a traditional darkroom (both silver gelatin prints and Cibachrome prints) and in the digital darkroom. The black and white prints are one of a kind, as are the Cibachromes.  Digital images can be reproduced again and again. For many years I taught photography on the college level.  But since that initial gift on my first overseas trip, I have followed the muse of image making with enthusiasm and love for the life of water.

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