A Conversation between poetry and photography
Current Project Living Nature's Moments


As an outgrowth of my exhibit at the Audubon (Courting Nature's Bliss) in 2007, a poet, Cristina M.R. Norcross and I have developed a book entitled Living Nature's Moments.  Cristina, a published poet, lives in Wisconsin.  Through email we have developed a conversation between two different art  forms: poetry and photography.  I send a photograph of nature; Cristina writes a poem inspired by that image.  Her resulting narratives delve deeply into personal and intriguing reflections of the image.  We have finished the book and presently are searching for a publisher.  The idea is an unusual one and is not just text and images.  There is a combination of thought between them that producing much more than a simple description of the image and how it was made.  She sees far beyond the reality before her.

Sample Segments

Until I Reach Home

Startled  starlings./The bush gives birth,/setting them free/to fly the white skies,/while leaves prepare their perches/for future guests.

Until I reach home,/this will be my resting place./ Surfaces are shiny and stable,/but not covered in cloth,/or decorated by low lighting.

Sleep Mates

The hum of sleep/brings balance to their habitat,/and all who witness their quiet embrace/feel the warmth of sleeping souls

Dreams of Winter Green

Thoughts drift,/eyes close,/and the dreamer  wanders./Answers appear like gifts/in the morning,/when the soul asks questions/that seem too  arduous/to decipher during the day./The dreamer must welcome the chance/to untangle tight knots.

Cristina M.R. Norcross  2008