I would we lived in a shared landscape - a landscape that can encompass one location with another, one event with an idea, and more than one happening.  These landscapes become a way of looking at our lives, ourselves, our dreams.  They might be daydreams but for the reality of their origins.

Since the arrival of the digital darkroom it is possible to combine landscapes readily, though the genesis of some of my work happened in the traditional darkroom, both in color and black and white.  As a world traveler, my trespasser's eyes strive to connect the rhythms underpinning the landscapes of daily living with the revealed image.

Every gallery here stems from exhibits of my work shown in art galleries, libraries and colleges. During April of 2008 I mounted another exhibit in concert with a traditional black and white photographer, Robert Pyle.  We called the exhibit Gems and Passions and included some poetry with our images.  For a year now a poet, Cristina Norcross, and I have been engaged in creating a book.  I used three of her poems with my images in that exhibit.

In 2010, my latest exhibit, The Life of Water, was shown at the Audubon in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Plum Island - Parker River Refuge

Newburyport, Massachusetts

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