Luxemotor Izula has been sold to Jonathan Sheldon

Barge Izula is a Dutch Luxemotor built in 1928 by the well-known constructor Bodewes of Foxhol in Holland.  She was converted for pleasure cruising in 1996 with a further upgrade in 2000.  We bought her in 2004 and have continued with improvements and upgrades ever since.  See Refurbishments.

She has been across the Channel twice and has been cruising in France since 2000.      In 2011 she gained the TRIWV Certificate Communitaire - a legal requirement for boats over 20m cruising in European waters.  Izula is now moored in Limehouse Dock, London  - see pictures below.

Izula has cruised extensively on both rivers and canals, including the beautiful Canal du Nivernais and Canal de Bourgogne which have become favourites.   Many people think that they cannot cruise the Nivernais because of water depth and bridge heights, but we have done this canal twice both ways without a problem - don't always believe the charts!   

In 2009 she did a  big circiut cruise, 1300km and over 500 locks , which was wonderful.  See 'Cruising with Izula'  Part1,2&3 under Video and also see French Waterways Map.     

About Izula                                                              Izula is a classic Luxemotor that retains its traditional graceful lines whilst providing excellent accommodation.      

Needing only diesel to provide all the necessary requirements for cruising, we can even make potable water from river/canal/sea water by means of a state-of-the art German reverse-osmosis desalinization plant (also used by the Royal and French Navies). All windows and skylights are double-glazed and removable which is great in the summer  for allowing cooling breezes to flow through the barge.  Diesel central heating and two wood-burning stoves provide more than adequate heating during the winter months.  She is wood panelled throughout with Oregon Pine parquet flooring.  

The wheelhouse can be fully dismantled and then we use a full-size                                                                                       parasol for weather protection - 

this can easily be lowered or raised for negotiating low bridges as well as providing overnight security. See Gallery for pictures and Video  for cruising.