Who is ‘Z’?

An intrepid traveller, adventurer and photographer whose main passion is
“the world beyond”. He loves to soak up the atmosphere around him in its natural and informal way, while he is leisurely sipping good tea. And his tea selection he travels with is truly amusing. 

He had seen lots of Europe, fell in love with the Middle East and adored the Himalayas on his endless adventures through the Asia. Apart from his Czech homeland, he had been living and working in Great Britain and New Zealand for a long time. Main areas of his expertise are in the management, hospitality, tourism, retail, design and outdoors. ‘Z’ is always ready for a new challenging experience anywhere in the world.

His visions, attitude and wry sense of humour are well reflected in his photography. Would you dare to spend an enchanted afternoon spinning endless dreams? Then check out his photo galleries, travel writing and other projects at his homepage at: Travel Magic

or email me here: Traveling 'Z'