Ideas for Travel Advertisers


Connect with users through Google products

Google offers many ways advertisers can extend their brand or product's message; through applications such as Google Earth to Gadgets, there are many exciting and innovative ways end users can be reached and engaged. This page is devoted to housing some great examples of travel advertisers that have leveraged Google's products to extend their message.


Business Challenge:
Differentiate your business with mapping tools



Google Mapplets are mini-applications that you can embed within the Google Maps site.  Examples include real estate search, current weather conditions, and distance measurement. Mapplets are Google Gadgets that can manipulate the map using Javascript calls that are derived from the Google Maps API.

Showcase: created an innovative Mapplet that is easily accessible to the customer from Google Maps.  The Mapplet allows user to search hotel availability within a date range.  Users can also sort the results based on popularity,  distance, price, and review scores.  The Mapplet can be turned on while other Mapplets are turned on.  For example, a user may turn on a Panaoramio layer, which show photographs of different spots on the map. 

Click here to see the live example.

Other implementations in the travel industry: | Orbitz |



Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips. Advertisers can build on top of this platform, adding in information that's important to your or your products. Google Earth has a very engaging interface, though users must download and install a separate software application.

Showcase: created a unique layer in Google Earth.  Their layer shows flight sales as they happen on their website.  For example, if sells a flight between London and Paris, a new line pink will be drawn between these cities, as the sale happens.    

Other implementations in the travel industry:
Travel and Leisure Magazine | FBO Web |



Business Challenge:
Build brand equity with online video content


YouTubeTo help marketers create deeper, more brand-centric video experiences on YouTube, we have created an enhanced environment called a Brand Channel. Brand Channels provide advertisers a place to showcase video content on YouTube with a look and feel that is consistent with their brand imagery. This new concept helps brands connect and engage with their consumers around great video content.

Showcase: Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand created a YouTube brand channel to give users a taste of the country's varied landscapes, lush forests, and unique wildlife.  These videos encourage users to visit New Zealand.  One of the videos in this brand channel has over 660,000 views!  Also, users can subscribe to this channel and see when new videos are uploaded. 

Click here to see the live example.

Other implementations in the travel industry:
National Geographic


Business Challenge:
Drive traffic directly to your website, cutting referral costs

The Google Toolbar offers a way for marketers to promote their content via custom buttons. Users of the Google Toolbar can choose to add your custom button to their toolbar so that it always appears whenever they launch their browser. You choose what page clicking the button leads to. You can also list your custom button in the Google Custom Button Gallery, where Google Toolbar users can search for and add your button.

Showcase: created a Google Toolbar Custom Button (screenshot above). Clicking on it sends users directly into's interactive website. 

Other implementations in the travel industry:
See Toolbar Button Gallery (includes TripAdvisor, Marriott,, Kayak, Hilton, etc.) 




Have a website or collection of sites you'd like to search over? With Custom Search Engine, you can harness the power of Google to create a search engine tailored to your needs.  A Custom Search Engine lets you include one website, multiple websites, or specific webpages.  Also, it allows you to host the search box and results on your own website, while customizing the colors and branding to match your existing webpages.

Showcase: uses a Custom Search Engine.  This solution allows CheapTickets to leverage Google's advanced search technology.  There is minimal overhead for maintaining the search index, which allows CheapTickets to focus on their core competency:  delivering value to travelers.


Other implementations in the travel industry: 


Business Challenge:
Target customers through permission marketing

The Google Calendar API allows content owners to publish relevant schedules and allow users to add them to their Google Calendars. Advertisers can promote their content as well as leverage the Google Public Calendar Directory to allow calendar users to find their content.

Showcase: Orbitz

Orbitz uses the Calendar API to notify customers of new deals that are available for particular days.  Orbitz also  embeds a Google Gadget (left), which allows a user to search for flights without leaving their calendar


Google Co-op is a platform that enables you to customize the web search experience for users of both Google and your own website. Through Subscribed Links, you can let users integrate your information or services into their Google search results. You can help users find your subscribed link content by promoting it on your web properties and also through the Subscribed Links Directory.

Showcase: FlightStats

With Subscribed Links, FlightStats delivers flight information on the results page only when the user's query is related to flights.  For example, the query "AA 123" would trigger a FlightStats result that shows the status of flight AA 123.

Click here to see the live example

Other implementations in the travel industry: 
Subscribed Links - Travel Category


Business Challenge:
Allow users to personalize their space with your tools

Google Gadgets are miniature objects made by Google users like you that offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web. Gadgets can also be used as an interactive ad format. Google Gadget Ads are engaging and flexible ad units that give advertisers a new way to communicate with users online.

Showcase: American Airlines

American Airlines has a Google Gadget that lets users search for flights.  Customers that travel very frequently will very find it convenient to add this gadget to their Google Homepage.  Moreover, American Airlines can use this gadget as an ad. 


Click here to see the live example.

Other implementations in the travel industry:
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Business Challenge:
Scale and automate AdWords campaigns

Google's AdWords API service lets developers design computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords platform. With these applications, advertisers and third-parties can more efficiently - and creatively - manage their large or complex AdWords accounts and campaigns.

What can you do with the AdWords API? That all depends on your creativity and advertising needs. Some possibilities include:

  • Generating automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports
  • Integrating AdWords data with databases, such as inventory systems
  • Developing additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts