What and Who is the Trauma Consortium?

The story is heard over and over again.  A family enters foster care with great excitement. Their hearts have been touched. They want to step up and make a difference in the child's life.  They glide through pre-service training full of expectations, waiting patiently to get through the requirements. With a heart full of love, they welcome that long awaited foster child into their home.  Reality hits.  This isn't what they expected - of the child, of themselves and of the agency.  They are broadsided by failed assumptions.

Ann Bagley leads the discussion on integrating the TIAPS model into everyday practice.
 (TIAPS - trauma informed assessment, preparation and support)

Two years ago, after the release of our book, Wounded Child, Healing Homes, I began to ask myself, "is there something we can do to better prepare, assess and support families? I truly believe we are beginning to find the answer through our Trauma Informed Assessment, Preparation and Support Model, whose foundation is the Nine Essential S)kills of Trauma Informed Care, can be seen by clicking here the model https://sites.google.com/site/traumaconsortiumresources/the-trauma-informed-assessment-preparation-and-support-model . 

The Ohio Trauma Consortium is a grassroots effort,of social workers, therapists and trainers who see everyday the challenges, even heartbreak when an unprepared foster/adoptive parent can no longer continue with the child in the home. The family is broadsided by unmet expectations and by behaviors out of their competency to manage.They are devastated by their own sense of failure and in the end, the child always suffers.  The Consortium group believes that things need to be  done differently.  It is a start, but one that must be taken.

The Beginning

With great excitement a group of passionate social workers, trainers and therapists met at Butler County Children Services in Hamilton, Ohio on January 17, 2012 to launch the first of its kind – a two year pilot study project on trauma informed preparation and support of adoptive and foster families. The word spread and in the summer of 2012 over 35 people gathered in Columbus to combine knowledge, effort and insight.

This work continues into 2013 with early encouraging results. Presently, approximately 15 counties and private agencies around Ohio are integrating  portions of this model into their every day practice. A number of public and private agencies in six states have also been introduced to the trauma informed model and are currently using portions of the assessment protocol. 

Current Project members are:

The Project Facilitators
Jayne E. Schooler, OCWTP and international trainer and consultant (jayeschool@aol.com)
Ann Bagley,   OCWTP  trainer and consultant (bagley.ann@gmail.com)
Ruby Johnston, OCWTP and international trainer (lambinternational@gmail.com)

  • Donna W. Lang, Director of Placement Services, Butler County Children Services
  • Deborah A. Camara, Foster Care/Utilization Management, Butler County Children’s Services
  • Stacey Hatte, Adoption Assessor, Butler County Children Services
  • Christine Hodges, Adoption Assessor Butler County Children Services
  • Carrie Jones, Butler County Children Services
  • Mary Vicario, Clinical Therapist, Trauma Specialist, St. Aloysius Orphanage
  • Carol Hudgins Mitchell, LSW, NBCCH  St. Aloysius Orphanage
  • Gina Corbisello, MA, LPC St. Aloysius Orphanage
  • Bev Spevik, Independent Trainer, Ohio Child Welfare Training Program
  • Darren Varnado, SW Ohio Regional Training Center Director
  • Betsy Smalley, Adoption and Foster Care Training Manager, Institute for Human Services
  • Kelley Gruber, Training Coordinator, Institute for Human Services
  • Pam Ross, Adoption Training Liaison, Choices
  • Johanna Pearce, Adoption Supervisor, Fairfield County Children Services
  • Lesley Greenwood, Adoption Assessor, Fairfield County Children Services
  • Amy Jenkins, Adoption Assessor, Fairfield County Children Services
  • Gail Adams, Adoption Assessor, Licking County Children Services
  • Paula Gates, LSW, Director of Family Services at Pathway Caring for Children
  • Velma Bridges,  Founder,  Pathway Caring for Children 
  • Gina Schultz,Social Services Director, Geauga County, Social Services
  • Kate Riznyk, Foster Care and Adoption Caseworker, Ashtabula County
  • Amber Huber, Program Supervisor, Delaware County
  • Emily Nevin, Foster and Adoption Trainer, Montgomery County
  • Cindy Meyers, Foster and Adoption Trainer, Montgomery County
  • Angie Rogers, Foster Parent Traning Coordinator, CORTC
  • Wendy Flowers, Clinical Psychologist
  • Brian Lowery, MPA, LSW, Educational Coordinator, Lowery Training Associates