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We would like to welcome you to our Trauma Consortium Resource website. And we would love to hear from you! If after visiting our site, you have questions,thoughts or comments about the strategy, please email us.  

What you will see here is a compilation of many months even years of work by many people with singular vision and passion. That vision and passion is  provide safety, permanency and well-being for children who find themselves in foster care or moving into an adoptive placement and who do so with a history of traumatic separation and loss.

 Throughout this website you will see pictures of real families and real children. They are sharing their lives in pictures demonstrating the impact of hope, love and commitment in the lives of wounded children..

Our firm belief in order for children with a traumatic past to heal, they must be surrounded by caring, nurturing adults who understand how the events of their lives have shaped them and changed them at the core of who they would have been.  

Many families step into the world of foster care and adoption with a deep desire to make a difference in the life of a child.  They have seen the billboards. Their hearts have been touched. They have seen the postings on facebook or the pictures on  table mats at restaurants. They can no longer sit by and watch. They have become consciously compassionate.  However conscious compassion, according to Bill Hancock, founder of FaithBridges Foster Care (www.faithbridgefostercare.org) doesn't last.  In order to sustain the work of healing that must be done in the lives of children, it requires parents to become competently compassionate - to become trauma-competent healing parents.


That is what our project is all about - helping families from the first thoughts of becoming a foster or adoptive parent to understand the journey. It is supporting parents once the journey has begun from a trauma informed perspective   It is a life changing journey for those who undertake it are never the same. Parents must be prepared. They be  educated. They must be supported for the path they will be taking brings incredible joys and commitment challenging experiences.  

To stop for the child who has been placed in front of you and to say to that child we will be your forever family and to know what it will take to do just that - what a extraordinary adventure!

We invite to your explore this website. You will find information on the following:

1 An overview of the Trauma Informed Assessment, Preparation and Support Strategy. 

2. Listings of available workshops for both social work professionals and foster and adoptive  families 

3. Resources and tools on how to assessment and prepare families to care for traumatized children

4. Resources and tools on how to build trauma competent healing parents or become one yourself

If you would like more information about bringing this strategy to your agency contact Jayne E. Schooler at  jayeschool@aol.com