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For over 40 years, homebuyers have discovered the best new homes in Atlanta at Traton Homes. Traton Homes prides itself on giving our customers Altogether More... more experience, more impressive architecture, more outstanding included features, more desirable locations and more value. When looking for a new home in Atlanta, you will have many builders and communities from which to choose. We encourage you to visit other new homes in Atlanta and compare them to Traton. We believe you will discover what nearly 7,000 Atlanta homebuyers have recognized over the years ... from the feel of our neighborhoods to the attention to detail in both the interiors and exteriors of our new homes, Atlanta homeowners know that Traton delivers superior value.

Traton's commitment to value begins with superior construction behind the walls. Our new homes in Atlanta are fully engineered for quality. From wall panels, to floor and roof trusses, the framing of your Traton home is fully engineered. Highly sophisticated state-of-the-art technology ensures your home is built to the strictest standards. When seeking a builder that provides superior construction of a new home, Atlanta area residents place their confidence in Traton Homes.

Our homes also have less exposure to the elements. The framing components of your Traton home are constructed in a climate-controlled facility without interference from rain or other harsh weather conditions. This allows for extensive quality control and a faster build time. In addition, the wood used to build your new home in Atlanta has minimal exposure to the elements and is less likely to warp.

Our homes are built with precision. Automated saws cut the wood precisely for tighter joints, while engineered fastening methods make the framing structure even stronger. The wall panels are highly engineered to be straight, and the nail patterns exact. This results in a new home in Atlanta that is square, plumb and tight with floors that are less likely to squeak. When searching for the best engineered new homes, Atlanta area buyers agree that Traton Homes delivers.

Quality control is of utmost importance in our process. The components of your new home in Atlanta are inspected by experts in the facility before they are sent to your homesite. Upon delivery, experienced framing crews, trained and certified in component construction, assemble the infrastructure of your new home. Atlanta homebuyers get the best in quality from Traton Homes.

Our building process is environmentally responsible. Because the components of your new home are precisely planned, there is much less waste compared to others. When looking for environmentally friendly new homes, Atlanta home owners look to Traton Homes.

And last, but most importantly, our homes are built to last. Traton has been building new homes in Atlanta for over three decades. We believe that a quality home begins with sound construction behind the walls, creating generations of family enjoyment. This is just another way we add greater value to your investment in a new home. Atlanta GA offers a terrific lifestyle and Traton Homes provides you a great new home value to enjoy that lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting our website. You are on your way to discovering the best new homes in Atlanta. Please contact us if we may be of assistance in your search. It would be our privilege and honor to have you as a Traton homeowner.